Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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The cherries and hamster always seem weirdly small, but I look at my hand and imagine how big a fairy is and reassure myself I got the scale right. Oh and Ribbon's parents were from the old comic too, but didn't appear more than once or twice. I had to decide on their colors but otherwise had the designs to use.

Here we run into one genuine problem though: it's one thing to give the fairies a glowing aura but when they're interacting with other figures or objects, what the shit do you do with that? And that was the first major realization I had that my simplistic tactics were actually holding the comic back. Not enough to change anything, of course. If I was going to do it again I'd make the aurae transparent. Sure as fuck wasn't ready to make them actual lighting effects. What, are their bodies glowing?

It bugs me more than it should whenever people shrink in something but stuff like water still looks the same, instead of forming big drops. The Ghibli Arrietty movie got it right, the old Incredible Shrinking Man didn't exactly, though at least they tried to represent giant water droplets. And that movie was amazing for doing what it could.

I'm not sure why Ribbon's dad is getting on Kimchi's case when he was just complimenting Ribbon a second ago, but it was just an exchange I wrote that seemed like a good.. exchange... I dunno. Either way the aunt and niece are great characters.

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