Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Get it, because.. he's her grandfather on her fairy side, and that sounds like saying fairy godmother.. eh... I probably should have included some moment in either this or a future visit where Robin's CONSCIOUS use of her powers is also amplified. Just to hammer in that ley line thing.

But yeah what did you think fairy circles were for? They're obviously for teenagers to go dancing. There's a little bit of Kwerki in that cutie pie but I'm not sure what else. Watamote wasn't out yet but in retrospect, Tomoko's voice when she's all nervous is exactly what I was imagining here. Just that breathless kind of squeaking, trying to talk... What that implies about Ribbon's lesser speech impediment, I can't say. Actually the original inspiration was probably Otonashi Meru, the few times she tried to actually talk instead of texting.

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