Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I think what really sells this gag is the cager's personality. I'm not even sure which is better: that he is this genuine about participating in something that is definitely not a thing, or that he probably invented it himself and this is the hardest sell ever in getting a hobby going.

Not to harp or anything, but of all the inconsistencies in a very inconsistently-drawn creature, I notice almost nobody gets the manticore's color right. It's supposed to be red, guys. It's one thing to forget the human head, the dragon wings, the spiny scorpion tail, the flutelike voice, the three rows of iron teeth, and hell I don't even hold myself to the blue eyes thing, but if you don't make its fur red and make sure it's the size of a horse, then that is not a goddamn manticore. Nevermind how unlikely it is for something with that many parts and attributes to comprise a consistent hybrid species.

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