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Mostly is just one of those words. Reminds me of how they translated Tristepin's name as Sadlygrove. I think adverbs are just special. So is using nouns as verbs. You guys may not remember, but back in 2010 it was... well, not NEW, but still innovative. Still in the mix. Homestar Runner had just gone on hiatus (maybe not this actual month, I don't remember) then Adventure Time came out and started filling the void.

Anyway I had a big fat painy time drawing them all carrying all their gear and trying to keep it consistent. Such a relief going back to nude mode, even if drawing a bunch of people all around a table is usually mild kryptonite for me. The tangled word bubbles in panel 6 are written in a sort of tiered way so that you can go all top then all bottom, or diagonal top-left bottom-right as you go, and it will still work. Took a bit of work planning that out on the canvas. But hey wasn't Ribbon's little cocktail umbrella cute?

I heartily endorse calzones. They are probably the second best way to enjoy pizza. And I sure as hell do not excel at laundry. Fucking burly hands ripping everything. I am happy to let that particular gender role stay where it is.

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