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Unscathed bonuses are totally lamepants. I think the soft shadows here actually look pretty good, as long as you don't look too closely. At the time I couldn't see those circle shapes at all. I don't think I actually show healing magic very often, but it seems like it should usually be pink. Anyway who doesn't love a good ahool? They're the cutest dang things. This one really should have longer toes but overall I nailed it.

The phoot is one of my favorite obscure references, because unless you subscribed to the Fox Kids Club Magazine in the early 90s, you don't know that it's a 10-foot-diameter freshwater sponge used as the template for the ball in the unpopular sport "phootball." Speaking of references, though, Ribbon's reference material never seems to be consistent. I suppose a fairy would have an easier time carrying cards than a book, but there's magic to take care of these things. Also does that card really have that much specific info? What about an azhdarchid makes it so good against a krakemammoth? Nothing, it seems.

Gotta feel sorry for Kimchi losing at the plant roulette. At this point he had to pretty much grow whatever was near and hope it could be useful. Now the squidion is something I drew way back before 7th grade. I watched this fascinating squid documentary that cemented their anatomy into my head, and I realized they had kind of a similar body layout to a scorpion.

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