Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I like that we actually get to see what some of the Fort 1-E wizards get up to. They're kind of ersatz magic police, because who else is going to do that? If you don't self-police, you end up with people burning all the witches. I also like how that ice looks. Also the little shikigami carrying her.

I definitely forgot this aspect of Pud Edna's character. Both that she hates women and that she curses people (and can apparently turn them off remotely). Really Hel's anti-magic power is way too useful to use, kind of broken, but at least for a while she had trouble controlling things.

Here we start the dang portal scrolls. It feels early now, but at the time it felt like I'd been drawing them going around for ages and didn't need to draw the traveling part anymore... So it was this or some kind of airship. The idea of magical items expiring over time is something few other fantasy settings ever cover. Not to mention the idea that there are "commons" that are less valuable. I guess plane tickets work like that.

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