Kiwi Day N

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Huh, I didn't show them emerging from the portal. I probably should have. Continuity and all that. Check out Hel in the 3rd panel. This is clearly where I really noticed. You'll see in a bit. I hope that subtle Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged reference worked for everyone.

Kaen has another nice outfit here. He might just have the best outfits. His cousin there in the audience actually ends up getting a bit of continuity around her for someone who never really matters or interacts with any main characters. Austere majordomo guy is a character I can't believe it took me this long to include. He just writes himself. I wanna say he eventually gets a name.

Hopefully the misunderstanding here makes sense without having to be spelled out. Basically Kaen wanted to marry Mizu, he did what princes do when they make that decision, the king got confused and called for the one princess he knows the address of, and somebody sent out vague invitation proclamations that caused a hilarious misunderstanding.

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