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Here's where I had made a comparison to Hel's earlier appearance and realized I had just started drawing her hair longer and longer. No idea why, but that IS what happens in real life, so.. yeah. The main problem is that any bangs that dip below trapezius level create a 'caught' space of background that is annoying to draw. Anyway it looks cuter short. I either didn't notice, though, or didn't care that I was drawing the edges of her hair and tail as scalloped bits now instead of hair-ends... and that is kind of weird and nonsensical. But it looks alright, so fuckit.

I love Kaen's awkward timing here. Mizu's not just an older woman by a significant degree, but a commoner, and she's the one compromising her typical habits for him, so it behooves him to try to be flexible... and I think his journey in that is one of the few interesting things he ever does in this comic. I couldn't think of any others.

"Aneki" is not a term you get very often. Everyone's all aniki this and aniki that, but for sisters.. yeah. I'm slightly proud of pluralizing LeTourneau. I was so proud of that couple until recently when they broke up, which is kind of weird. Fingers crossed I guess, hopefully just a bump in a quite lovely and inspiring road. As for Gustav and Marka, who can say? But clearly Natascha doesn't take it very seriously at this stage. Man, I hope that chupacabra is identifiable.

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