Kiwi Day N

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Another My Immortal reference. I really thought that was going to have longer legs than it ended up having, that. Like, popculture legs. At least I didn't put any Frohman's Mind quotes in... right?

Somehow Uzi not getting a good copy of Mizu's sword reminds me of that Gargoyles episode when there's a fake statue of Hudson and it's flawlessly sculpted, but getting a duplicate sword was the hardest part. Nevermind that sucker turns to stone too half the time.

I wonder why Kaen waited so long. Maybe he was being really calculating and smart, yeah. That's probably it. Not cowardly. Of all the neat bits of timing in this one, I'm most proud of Hel pointlessly interrupting the dramatic exeunt. But she couldn't just let all that creepy shit go unpunished. I think in Uzi's mind it was just practical. Psychology is a good attack. But it backfires when the best you could think of is doing to somebody what they already enjoy doing to themselves.

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