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Xanth did the same toilet-tree pun, I forget if I got it from there or if t'was independent. Heh, looks like Sasha's green scarf is slipping off there. It's cute how she's giving her nephew a ride though. He's also unusually verbose, with three whole words.

Judging by Kishon's conspicuous and insistent use of "tots" I must have been playing Twilight Princess at this time. I mean, re-playing. Hmm, if Tamasai's memory is correct, that means NeNe and Loki never brought their kids over, and Robin has never visited. That seems ... believable, but surprising now that I think of it.

This is the first real proper planned-out plot I ever did. It ties in to the cavern under Alex's volcano (in more ways than one), it gives them a fun videogamey quest, it had a few twists planned out, and it meshes right in with several established places. I just realized at one point that Breezeland wasn't the only "like an element" place around, in a decent kind of arrangement, so I thought I'd go with the five asian elements on this one since I had a clever thing in mind for metal, and there's woods, and some ocean and a volcano and yeah.

Then later I realized I got those wrong because it should be Earth in place of Wind, but come on! Wood, Earth, AND Metal? That's a terrible element system. Way unbalanced. I like mine better. Besides you can't really have an Earth-themed region of land. It's all Earth.

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