Kiwi Day N

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Robin is so rejectedevastated that a cute animal treated her poorly. You shouldn't pay too much attention to the fact that Ribbon turned into an anachronistic blowdryer. This setting probably has, like, handcranked ones that you put a hot coal inside of.

So hey it's Tetsuo! Finally. First appearance in the new comic outside of random cameos. I think I always intended him to be more important, but not EVERY robot created by a single creator instantly becomes an important kind of 'son' to them, does it? Er do they... however I started that sentence. Point is he's more of a NEPTR.

I don't know if Mizu's insinuation that when nagas lay unfertilized eggs they get as cranky as human women do is valid, but Ninjin IS her friend, so probably. Man, do they even lay eggs though? The cute babbu dragon is not really as visible in panel 6 as it probably should have been. Shit, was this when "The 90s are All That" first came out? Must have been. I could have sworn that was later.

Also Tetsuo's onboard computer is hilarious. Though robots having those is already funny on its own if you think about it. Lookin' at you, Beast Wars. At the same time, it allows them to have a more relatable humanlike mind separate from just their computer.

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