Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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See some months before this comic, I got really inspired by the trappings of the barbarian genre and wanted to do something with it. But that's not how comics work. I didn't have the time to really draw any of it or do much besides think about it. But dammit I wrote it down to do, so when it became convenient, I did it.

And I had completely forgotten all the inspiration that was meant to fuel it, so it felt listless. I had to force every bit of this arc, but at least there's some good art. It's neat drawing all these types of dudes... That one guy is meant to look like Dinobot from Beast Wars but as a human(?) like maybe he was a dragon-man... it occurs to me that oni make great barbarian sorts and I should really consider using them more in that capacity. They should wield a lot of magic and whatnot.

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