Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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The most fun thing here is Sasha getting to be more in-her-element than usual. Every so often it occurs to me how Sasha doesn't have huge muscles and probably should. But I guess the strength seeming unnatural somehow makes it seem just 'more.' Like a Samus or a Ripley type. Eventually, ultimately, those types would direct Sasha's whole groove.

Vicki here is based on a friend of a friend of mine whom she talks about constantly, so I eventually just HAD to put her in the comic. She's definitely a barbarian wench type. Unfortunately I tried direct-linking her the file, and what happens when you do that on ComicGenesis is not only do they not see it, nor the 'don't direct link files' warning properly, but now until their cache is completely cleared, they can't see it even on the site, so that sucks. I don't know if she ever got to view her cameo or whether she cared.

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