Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This whole time I forgot to mention any of that viking name connection thing with Sasha's family. So yeah, this thing shows up. I love giant isopods, but Christ if it wasn't hard to keep drawing after the initial one. There was supposed to be some perspective going on with its limbs and ehh..

anyway for some reason I just recycled this shot of Conan the sphinx because I thought it looked cool. Actually, now that I look back, maybe I never used this shot? Maybe that's why. I must have drawn it, realized there was no room, and cut it to use later even though it was unlikely they would be heading back to Gagara Desert anytime soon. Either way, kinda funny random thing. Implying somehow he can see it and we just cut to his reaction... that's a Freakazoid kinda gag for sure.

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