Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I had this really clear vision of how this weird group hallucination should work. Just a lot of dream imagery (I'm not the only one who dreams about having-a-cool-room-and-cool-possessions, right?) and some weird confirm-y dialogue. It's a little like Doctor Moon's "and then you forgot" but it's even more like a later Adventure Time episode called King Worm, showing once again we are on similar fucking wavelengths. I wanna meet that Pen Ward. I wanna rub my beard on his beard.

Anyway I put a lot of work into subtle weirdnesses that, in retrospect, probably only I noticed because I was the one doing the comic. Little notches missing from the panels, line interruptions, sky discontinuity... and of course leaving the tagline blank. That actually bothered me to do.

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