Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Now here this was all planned out. I pulled out every weird Photoshop trick I knew. Most of the little changes in the first two panels are beta elements of their designs. There's snippets of past panels, there's a Missingno in there (twice. Huh. That might have been a mistake), some intentional bad-JPG-selecting a la Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, there's some gif dithering... That hand is from Yume Nikki I think... I busted out the broken-image icon once again (meaning this had to be done a bit carefully vis-a-vis resizing for web) but just for completeness' sake, the broken-image symbol from Firefox... Basically this may not have been sbemail Virus tier but I put a lotta woik in. I really wanted to get that feel in. You know that feel? The one with.. like rushing air...

Oh, one more thing, that weird pink doubling effect in the fourth-to-last panel is an actual error that ComicGenesis had for a while, if you uploaded your comics via one of the two or three available non-FTP methods. It was so fucking weird, and I know very few readers would remember it since it was brief and I fixed it each time, but if even one of them did remember it, then the meta points are sweet and juicy.

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