Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Man this was some crummy execution at this point. Zi's house has no sense of scale, I couldn't somehow just do a little zoom-in on the weird random hat bug, and at no point did I ever remember to address Psy even though I was gonna. I don't think Kaen's reaction to the bad pun really scans, either.

Still, the main thing accomplished here is getting Zi to help with Robin's magic just as Fort 1-E helped with Hel's. Robin's is less urgent, of course, but I liked giving her a solution other than "quit being a lazy airhead" because fuckit that's what makes her Robin.

Zi's chant is three enemies from Sonic 2 whose names I could never forget. I miss instruction manuals. Their real names are Seadra, Octar, and Telstar. Weird how the real name of a Sonic enemy is the dub name of a Pokémon.

Robin's chanting starts out as just gibberish terms I enjoy, but gains its own special rhythm over time, and becomes one of the most fun parts of making this comic. Like so many things, I seriously forgot how early on it started, because it was always a "later upgrade" thing from my perspective.

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