Kiwi Day N

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Mimameith could've really used some shading there. I like discussions about how big Proper Noun special things in the world probably aren't the only ones, at least in everyone's systems.

If there's one thing I really like in a large fictional universe, it's when there are multiple levels of responsibility. Cape stuff does that really well, Spider-Man is unlikely to fight the same crime Iron Man will, and in turn Dr. Strange will take care of problems neither of them would remotely know how to touch.

So yeah hopefully this cluster of wordplay and references constitutes an okay comic. It feels like a weak end to a weak mini-arc to me, but being-left-alone-in-a-place-full-of-interesting-things is a recurring theme in this comic, and it's perfectly suited for these particular kinds of characters, right? I'm not sure about the concept of "human magic" though as a separate kind of mana. I think what Lenore means is that if you're not a fae, your cells probably don't hold onto mana as easily, so it's useful to have a conduit to channel some of it for you.

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