Kiwi Day N

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Lever pedals are easy on old men's backs and keep crummy artists from having to redraw scenes that were poorly planned! This weird little boxy vehicle, though. That thing kicked my ass, but in the end I did it right, ore or less. More ore less. Some .. some geological pun.

I think Hel was making some kind of commentary on automobiles. Cmon self-driving cars, drive yourselves to the present. Also haha more Minecraft jokes teehee oh these did not end but they did get better.

Okay, maybe the SEATs inside the Volcano Express aren't good, but everything else about this I think I handled pretty well. Now sit and let your brain chew on those low-key puns at the end. See pillock is British slang for a dumb person, and Kaen feels dumb for assuming trouble (aka interesting comic) would happen, but it didn't.. and in British slang sometimes you drop the 'like' and just 'feel-a-thing' but in American that sounds like something you do with your hand. Now I've explained it so I'm sure the frog is tapdancing and wearing a top hat all over the place.

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