Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Tried some soft-brushing wind effects this time, and wow they look like a bunch of little circles now. They definitely didn't used to. My eyes weren't that bad at this time, I'm not sure why I let that through, but I also don't know why Photoshop started brushing differently (having looked at some old pieces, maybe it didn't), so I get excused.

I think it's sweet Kaen actually remembered the pickles. He is the kinda guy you can send to the store. Here for some reason I thought it was funny to point out the ambiguity in English where what-something-is-for can sound like what-has-happened-to-it-already. I guess it's funny. I remember writing down that I should draw more people who look like Jim Henson and Michael Frith just because they don't look like my usual style, getting me outta the sameface hole, but I do actually like how they look. This guy isn't really all that special. Just convenient.

Don't unravel the whole treasure map premise, Riven. It's on thin ice as it is. Sometimes literally. Man, the two-colored cloud thing really doesn't work here. I don't think I ever tried that again. I really like windmills being arranged in overly technical locations like this, not sure why. Hel's antics amuse me here. I guarantee she stole that crayon from a restaurant.

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