Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This thing was every bit as much a pain to draw as it looks, but the weird shit the Eye emitted gave me an excuse to link it all together with red-streaked black sinews and that unifies it and helps fill in any gaps. It looks like Kaen summoned some carrion beetles at one point, but you can only see part of one in a tiny panel. That really deserved its own series of panels given his frequent bug-summoning failures at the time.

So this was the second time Hell Kitty happened I think, and it makes sense that Mizu would okay its intentional use, but really it is odd that Hel both picked up on that idea so quickly and was okay with it. I felt it quite okay to remind the audience how this shit worked, since it had been a while and was a little esoteric. Really, I should have shown her getting the bell dirty and trying to transform with it. I guess this episode was really rushed, but it was in the middle of a really great every-three-days streak.

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