Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I don't recall why exactly I chose this time to have a random alien race show up, but I'm kind of proud of my alien races in the same way I'm possessive of my specific versions of mythological creatures. Though, just like those, they really could use a redesign. I wish my creativity and imagination didn't seem to go down as my skill goes up.

I also wish there was more possibility for crossovers with these things, but that whole different-atmosphere-temperature-and-gravity thing means they mostly can't coexist and are just some drawings I did. You can't really see it well but the blue one has the Saturn symbol inside a circle on his head, indicating he's royalty of a Saturnian moon.

Man I want a pun translator. Sometimes weird words like 'rappel' show up and then I just can't not think of how it sounds like the French word appelle. It's a real problem. Man I don't think anything could even live with so little gravity... Meh. It's like, the softest of sci-fi, this thing I made up.

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