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I'm not actually sure whether it's stranger that the castle has its own wardrobe or that it contains this kind of decidedly casual clothing. Tunics are great though. Everybody should wear them. Riven DOES change her outfit later when she's boobier, but no bracelets. That under-panel blurb really should say "T-shirts under sleeveless V-neck shirts" but it works for tanktops too. And in this art style, the difference is negligible.

I wonder if there's a Jenny Everywhere registry or something that I should have posted on. It's kind of a corny concept, very early 2000s webcomicry, but I just had these good ideas about what a universe-hopper would have experienced. Like, logically, every other fictional universe's big "oh no the multiverse is in peril" plot. And if she goes around randomly, she should find a lot of empty ones, right? Plus these are concepts I already touched on slightly with Soroban, so it all made sense.

I do love how she notes this is a primitive setting, then Soroban busts out his 80s-ass computer terminal. Kiwi Day has always been confused as fuck in terms of that, due to being a bunch of RPG clichés mashed together.

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