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Oh yeah, she's still here. There, that's all wrapped up. Sasha actually changes her outfit orientation a lot, as versatility was the point of the scarves, but what Ninjin meant in panel 3 is how the main diagonal-cross keeps changing sides. I was trying to make fun of myself and now I realize nobody probably ever noticed. The idea that Sasha has a weird obsessive mental condition is hilarious though.

Gagara's backstory was partially established in the old comic. There was a garudan ghost and everything. I don't think they mentioned an asteroid, though. Soroban's lab was mentioned to be built on the site of an ancient DUNGEON under a palace, so he is whitewashing his history just a little. Or just not bringing up something unpleasant and not pertinent. Which is usually the same thing.

I'm not sure how Kimchi comes to the conclusion that finding the asteroid will lead to it being reversible but maybe he's just getting used to how these stories go. I mean I just got done praising how Mizu put the right kind of thought into the riddle and didn't know the answer right away, but whatever. Kimchi modeled for an exotic plants calendar back when they were at Fushigi Mori, and that makes him great.

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