Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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It was considerate and downright prescient for the builders of this building to make everything hellish shades of brick red and stone gray. I think Krabgrass was a beta name for Kudzu, so I gave him a son. Or maybe I just wanted to draw willow-tree hair.

I'm proud of panel 6. That's one of those cliché phrases that just has to be addressed. It's like in a farcical comedy when someone says something clearly wrong and nobody corrects them, they just roll their eyes or whatever. Because explaining it would ruin the comedic timing, but it takes you right out of the moment.

I don't recall Krabgrass's insanity coming up again. I think he might just be in one of those phases where kids say silly things. Also I'm not sure what that symbol on his shirt means, but it might be like, unvictory? Anyway yeah someone needs to do a funny drug-commercial parody of health packs.

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