Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Don't think I'd ever done a flashback like this before. I actually went and tried to use the same thicker lines and lower detail-level from back then. Look at Kimchi's leaves! Now panels 7 and 8 might look poorly-planned, but that's exactly the kind of mistake I would make back then! Yeah, that excuses it.

Yeah so I guess in Mizu's circles, people don't nurse that long. Then again she seems the type to have just been running around too much and not wanting to sit still to consume nourishment. That's the kind of little kid she was, remember? In the old comic? Oak probably spent ages on the tit. It is just hilarious to me that Hel's reaction to being given a little freedom from rules is to immediately do something she was scolded for, rather than something fun. Solid wee Hel logic.

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