Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Actually cartoon corn is often pre-shucked so maybe it's not the opposite. I forget what I meant under that panel. Aww look at that teeny black piggy Hel is holding.

That old lady is wise. Subsistence living is kinda tenuous, you gotta be careful. And work a lot. That is why it sucks, and why tribal people, chill as they often are, are not known for their great accomplishments. These guys also have not invented sunblock, leaving Kaen and Robin to use parasols, but that's kind of understandable.

I love those haystacks. Those are the kinds of things I should come up with more often, as they give a setting a fun amount of character. Just tiny little shaggy domesticated rhinos. Though it does beg the question of why they're called that by people who surely don't grow grass that's harvested as hay.

Yeah they logically would not use gold actually. Gold-obsessed Hel would not realize that. Holy shit they have a lot of it, too. But anyway I had to do that callback and this was a fantastic time, and if it ain't money it ain't a paycheck, so.

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