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Convenient, at least, that the noise flushed Krabgrass out of hiding. I suppose that little note in panel 1 could have been shown rather than told, but... He's not worth it, the little shit. Yeah I guess I never addressed before how language shit works. The first time anyone could talk to anyone that others couldn't was Soroban talking to Lobster way back in the day before he was magic and learned to... psychically-project I guess? I mean a lobster can't talk no matter how smart he is.

It's a while before this comic touches on the concept of talking vs dumb animals, and even then it doesn't consider those who can't be understood. Disturbing, really. But anyway, I don't know if it was ever done before in this comic (and I went back and checked to see if there was ever a time it should have) but if so, yeah. Ribbon.

Hmm, that kid rushing at pig-on-head Fenrir is clearly further back, not lined up. Oh well. Maybe there's something else cute we can't see. Sasha makes a good point though. That "all you have to fear is fear" thing is not comforting at all. Fear is fucking scary. Yeah I discovered cherufes were a legit mythology thing AFTER including them in the comic, so... retroactively.. there you go. Same thing happens later with wargs. "I'm on the (verb)!" is something that doesn't scan super well but I like it.

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