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I wonder if I needn't have explained the joke in panel 2 if it had contained audio. It's so hard to know when you're gauging it yourself and you know the punchline because you wrote it. I think this is the first time Robin did the chanting which would become her hallmark. The kind where the words sound similar. I love writing those, it just flows out. I think I inadvertently did a live-action-Avatar-movie gag here because the rocks Robin is levitating are not very impressive.

I dig Hornace's eye laser though. It's rare to have a cyclops with such a small eye, and that really works with the visual of a tightly-focused heat laser thing. Still, I had obviously forgotten by this point that Van Allen's Belt doesn't require the reflected energy attack to strike the belt itself, just anywhere on the wearer will work. Maybe Kaen was just being extra safe. I mean it's hard to unflinchingly test your defense.

Either here or the next page, I accidentally pasted something over a fantastic drawing of Hornace and flattened and then did too many more things so it was impossible to ctrl-z back to it. I was so pissed. It wasw a really good drawing. What I replaced it with was not as good. I like designing monsters like this with unique anatomy inspired by other things (this guy's kinda anteaterlike) but I'm always wingin' it, and it usually takes a LOT of drawings before I can actually start deliberately planning out different poses that look good.

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