Kiwi Day N

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I just love panel 2 so much. And it's so in-character for Kimchi to think he's the main character. I actually do kind of consider them more "main" the earlier they joined, except Ribbon. It always felt like Mizu, Riven, and Kimchi were the big 3 kind of.

I saved a bit of panel 3's little meta gag about catchup exposition to use as a reaction image, but I never have really used it, even though being caught up on things happens a lot. I'm not good at imageboard stuff.

Looks like Sasha put her top back to its usual after that kinda neat version of it from the last page. Unfortunately I did forget to utilize the versatility of this outfit, and the few times I didn't forget, it looked stupid, like that time she twisted it into a crappy bikini.

Krabgrass is less of a little shit now, so that's good. Lest anyone forget, their goal WAS to go to Genocide City next, so they already had the right scroll for it ready.

Oh man, I adore this stupid potion guy's sales pitch. Does this family just hang out with him? I guess they could use the money if he pays them for bilking assistance. Bilking? Barking? What's the word there. Whatever.

Anyway the potion is intentionally colored like Simpson and Son's Revitalizing Tonic, and that tombstone gag is ripped right from Adventure Time, which was thoroughly rocking my world at this point. It felt like Kiwi Day had gotten a cartoon adaptation. At the time I write this, only the finale is left. Feels weird, man. End of an era.

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