Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Sometimes I hear stock phrases and I just can't help but misinterpret them on purpose. That's how puns are born. "Reading is Kitty" is a gag from Bizarre Uprising, a comic that was my total jam back in the old Kiwi Day days. The cat on the poster is Heart Kitty, a meme I drew just before I started Kiwi Day. I don't know why, I just thought a cat with a heart on its forehead like Luna's crescent moon would be cute. That turned into NeNe, so... That's the origin of that.

Celador is a thing. You should just look it up, I can't explain it any better. It's a literary word thing. I dunno, it sounded like a good name for a dashing hero guy. D'you like what I did in panels 5 and 6 there? I thought it'd be fun to take people for a little ride.

Being usurped by another hero is enough without the "mistaken for bad guys" cliché so I didn't go there this time. The subtleties of a facial smolder are pretty difficult to apply in this style, I must say.

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