Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Uh, Ribbon, I think that's because fairies are usually assholes. You can't just be like "oh there's a bank being robbed, call a bunch of fairies and have them use their magic to save us!" You try that, you get half your kids stolen.

Why is Kaen doing handstands? I must have drawn the vague outline of a handstand and then had nobody else available to do it. That used to happen back when my panel-planning was really loose. Scapelander's mode of transportation was really clear in my head, but not nearly all that easy to depict in one panel. Dem earth pillars rising and falling like a conveyor belt.

Do you think Batman has ever internally gone whee as he swings? I bet just once. At least the first time he practiced with the bat-rope. How would you do that, anyway? Like, where? In the Bat-cave? Did he put up a net first?

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