Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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People make such a big deal about dreams coming true, when that on its own isn't hard. It's more like specific, unlikely events happening after you dreamed about them. C'mon, revise your idioms. I really like phonetic laziness like 'gayme' for gave-me. I wonder sometimes if this comic would be kind of hard to translate.

Panels 3 and 5 are a Minecraft gag that I really overestimated the staying power of. I don't even remember exactly what, anymore, just that their terrain generation was so weird that sometimes you'd get telltale holes in a rock wall in front of a cave, and it might crumble or despawn, particularly if blown up with TNT. Also the tagline was from Minecraft. Did I think that would just be funny inherently?

Panel 6 at least, I think is a silly thing that hasn't been done. When someone gives a brainless response and you just... point out that it applies just fine to what you were already saying. The last panel has a bit of that too.

In panel 7, Kaen shows that I did some research into real cave hazards. Just to contrast the usual exploring-a-cave cliché. The shading in here with the walls and floor looks really crappy. I'm not sure what I was going for. Honestly, this is just not the best arc.

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