Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Okay here, the mineshaft looks a lot better. I think this was about when Minecraft introduced actual mineshafts. And I just now remembered this is a mine, like that's part of the story I established, so I guess these references are relatively appropro. That's Sasha claiming she can see in the dark in the 1st panel, I think. She probably can't really. Not total darkness.

Mizu's little recap here is useful for this big plotline with the elemental treasures, though it once again reminds me I got the elements wrong. It also namedrops a good Donkey Kong Country song! Oh and I did end up coming up with names for the other treasures. Those come up later.

With this hologram stuff, though, I basically had a bunch of leftover puns and wanted to do some kind of plot about the plot twist itself being manufactured to mislead people in-universe, but I don't know how to actually write things like that, so I basically wrote about writing about that. Then I got bored, so I had it be boring in-universe.

I do like the weird Paper Mario-inspired calendar system in this universe. And actually now that I'm reading this again, I'm having a mild chuckle. Maybe it wasn't that bad.

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