Kiwi Day N

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Goblin and troll skulls are both very thick, and have you ever kicked something in the skull? Fuckin 'urts. I think Robin improvised that attack after watching Bortzenger. Good for her.

Now, the second half of this episode was another thing I had written down and had gotten too impatient to just wait to happen naturally. I wanted this issue to be brought up, because you never see it in any character dynamics in fiction. People should question each other about why they didn't think of things, and then they should criticize themselves if the reason for silence was their own fault!

Naturally, reading some Wheel of Time is what got me on that tack. If you've read that, you'll know. I want to say that the "tell each other everything. Well, almost everything" gag was used before or maybe after, with a similar issue of Hel spilling personal crap about Kimchi. Maybe. Or maybe I conflated it with something else.

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