Kiwi Day N

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Yeah whoops, forgot to show the tomoshi being used in Breezeland. What happens with this kind of comic is I get this feeling of comfort, like since I do it almost every day, I should be aware of everything that's going on, but in reality it's slow and if I stop showing something or someone, they will drop right out of my active memory.

I just realized that panel 4 can be taken two different ways. I meant "then" as in "afterwards" not as in "in that case." Hel, uh, appears to be tossing her panties aside for some reason. Sure, why not.

I was definitely binging the original TMNT cartoon while drawing this. Drill vehicles are just plain fun, one of the things Laird actually came up with to make the show distinct and fun. Meanwhile I really enjoyed coloring that ice shaft. It's a smart way to get through water, right? Freeze it, then dig through. Yeah. If you could be sure you froze it entirely, that is. And if, in real life, digging through something actually made it just disappear like it does in fiction.

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