Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I fucking hate drawing grates. Now that I have Clip Studio, I should be able to use a perspective ruler and do a much better job with those, but I haven't tried that yet. Anyway, I have an excuse for being lazy on the grate, but no idea why I was equally lazy with these amblypygids. I mean, yeah, they look like scribbles in real life, but come on. They should still get outlines, even if they're colored outlines to stand out better from the dark background.

I remember these were on one episode of that reality show about biggest fears or whatever. I didn't really watch it but it was on TV while I was applying for a job that had TV in its waiting room... why did that place have a waiting room? Anyway, it was a challenge to fucking eat them alive, and they were called "cave spiders" and I was like... those aren't spiders. But also it's not cool to eat things alive. Not that arthropods can feel pain.

I do find myself reading a lot of crap about natural environments that are clearly artificial, and I always want to just smack somebody. Gently, mind you.

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