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Kinda screwed up here. That is not what stone swallows are supposed to be. They're based on a particular really wingy brachiopod fossil (and sometimes just part of a trilobite) and that isn't it. I got confused because there was a reference to this in a Pokémon episode, and Kabuto is based on a horseshoe crab kinda, so I... I'm not even sure WHERE I got the fishy-fin-wing idea from. It was really strong in my memory, but I think it was just something I imagined when reading the myth... And where'd I get the twin lobes from?

Anyway I could just say this is some other weird kind of monster and Mizu misidentified them. The point here was to give Mizuumi an excuse to beef up her abilities a bit beyond "has a sword and is good at using it." I knew real-Mizu would be happy her character was doin' some straight-up DBZ shit finally.

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