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We seriously need more co-ed strip clubs. More copied from the old comic here, basic rehash of Kishon and Tamasai's wedding. Same officiator guy (that Soroban tied up), same poorly and lazily-drawn wedding chapel.

I do like how I remembered their chairs should have tail slots. No idea what I was on about with the idea that the translators could somehow be making Mifune good at the Mercury organ.. looks kind of like a giant mbira or marimbula.

I've never understood the two-rings system. I bet some jewelers invented it. On the other hand, putting a stoneless ring in front of a stone-bearing ring in order to sort of hold it in place makes sense to me.

Hel did the same "flour girl" gag as her mom. I don't remember if that was intentional or if I just thought of the same dumb gag twice, but it's cute! And I like those vows. Whenever I have to write things like that, I get the same uncomfortable feeling as when I'm expected to give a speech or pray aloud or something. If I'm really speaking from the heart, that's the kind of shit that's gonna come out.

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