Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Yeah continuity! They've eaten dinner in Lerenia before! I don't recall if I ever drew a living tirn... One of the things I looked forward to most in Kiwi Day N was showing old scenes and characters in color. I don't know how well it really fleshes things out, but... I bet nobody knew those little celery-rib things come in multiple shades of blue! Look at Hel using the tail slot in the chair as intended...

At this point I think I had given up on NOT having awkward and boring dialogue be interrupted by loud noises. It's like pulling a gun in improv! Works every time.

The FAG is a monster I had written down aaages before using it. Not sure why I thought it was funny for it to have an unfortunate acronym, but I guess it IS flaming. I'm not sure if a fire thingy would actually make good use of the sun or what, I mean if it didn't die. Surely it could burn hydrogen.. but the sun's hydrogen is kind of already busy.

Anyway I thought this was an interesting monster backstory and now it just seems very weird. At least it gives Yudin a chance to be all stoic.

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