Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I like that shot of the ship. So here I bring up a few points that I'd been asking myself, and then answer them. In the process, I bring up some old-comic shit (didn't want to go as far as to recycle the "let's go fight Biians" plot just to draw some of them in color) and work in a little counter-CaptainPlanet message about meh-it'll-be-fine-probably.

The Biian ships do that classic Trek thing of just LOOKING like they belong to the bad guys. Yeah I remember this little battle falling together nicely, as I had a bunch of ideas and suddenly it was like YEAH that'll be perfect. Of course the FAG would be involved in Mercury's shit, of course he'd have some kind of ability to pull oxygen in around himself.. and that makes a floating-in-space battle less-retarded.

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