Kiwi Day N

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Hel's getting a little esoteric there, but I guess flying around in front of a starry background IS one of the first things we ever saw Stinkoman do. Good ol H*R.

I had Loki transform once whilst onboard a spaceship and looking at the moon from a distance (this gets referenced much later on) but it had never occurred to me before that Mercury has got to work just the same. Whatever a moon does, there you go. White round rock reflecting sunlight. Instant space werewolf. Not that it does her any good.

This was the first time Mifune's attack was ever in color I think... though back when I made a bunch of shitty sprites for the old comic, I had his Thumbscrew Beam in blue and purple. I probably forgot to even try to reference that. It's not like I published those anywhere.

Did I mention in the earlier commentary how Mysty has grown those little shoulder and hip growths that help visually distinguish her from Tamasai? Anyway who doesn't love combo attacks, right? And since it's scifi time, giving-too-much-energy-to-a-thing is a totally viable tactic.

That's supposed to be the actual sun above Kimchi's head, as if in the background. Not really convincing. It's hard to depict something that should always be a white disc no matter what. But all this attack continuity has to be fun for someone. I, at least, had fun drawing all those stars.

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