Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Riven's hair blended into the background completely so I just made it lighter here. Also haha yeah this is not Star Trek day, so the balloon of wanting-fire did not pop from giving it more fire.

One of the things that makes such a large cast less terrible is when they can form little teams based on common skill sets. Robin still screwed hers up, but that's okay. I wanna say on this page initially I forgot Kaen's moustache, since he just plain hadn't been drawn in a while.

The second-to-last panel is a gripe of mine. Always acting like everything that enters an atmosphere must always be moving at orbital speeds and thus has friction to worry about. I mean yeah MOST things, but not everything. Sometimes things are slow, and some scifi ships are able to just fucking hover in place or orbit very, very slowly without falling.

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