Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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In retrospect, the fuck? The ship shouldn't have run out of fuel just then. But yeah these panels are kind of establishing my adventuresome mood here: just how it's fun to throw the map out the window and find oneself somewhere far away without any expectations (or anything to keep consistent from previous comics). Clearly Kishon gets that, as he doesn't mind at all just ditching them. Mifune, of course, has no trouble finding a ride anywhere as long as it has dragons about.

Lookit those cute interlocked legs and that Gladys Knight pun. Yeah this is classic. This was a return to form right here. Or if not a return, at least a turn. This princess discussion is funny, because the more I learn about old-timey castles and whatnot, the more I realize Oak is the most believable medieval character in the comic. He just has a fort up on a hill. Hell, I only put it there because I had just started and somehow hill-climbing jokes seemed funny.

Mizu may not have grown a moustache, but I like that her coital experience has left a mark on her as well. I have never quite gotten a strong grasp on what makes Sasha tick, but it's clearly not a whole lot of depth.

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