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Okay I legitimately forgot that I called this town Somewhere. That's so dumb and I love it. Anek baju are one of the fantasy creatures that I "invented" out of just annoyance that something usually isn't a race, but should be. Why should only a bunch of Hindu gods get to look all cool? You hear 'shivites' thrown around once in a while, just like you do with anubites, which appear some years later in the comic (and in that case I couldn't come up with any better name). I used to be really fast and loose with shit anyway which is why motherfucking panserbjørn appeared in the old comic.

It's kind of really hard fitting a lot of arms on a chibi body, so these guys inadvertently end up looking slenderer / more realistic, a lot like the tsuchigumo, and I didn't include too many with more than four arms. Panels 5 and 6 are basically just notes I had sitting around to use, and as you can see from panel 7, the ideas don't go too far. Buuut panel 8 is legitimately something I asked myself back when I played Tales of Symphonia. I guess the idea is just that requiring 10 of an item represents that only 1 in 10 are intact enough to be worth using.

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