Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Pretty sure those first panels are just an exchange I brainstormed up. I tried showing off that anek baju can come in any color of the rainbow, but holy shit in practice it just means they don't look like the same species, and don't show up very well visually. That brown guy in the bottom left of panel 1 does not draw the eye at all.

Panel 3 is secretly how I feel whenever I see things like that at renaissance faires and such. It's probably like extra evil, but I want someone to touch my hand and pay attention to me. That's very sad! Haha, and look, Hel got jealous and bit his hand. Masterful humor.

The dude with the white eyes is kinda weird. Whenever I'm coming up with eye colors for NPCs and trying to use one I haven't used over and over, white is bound to come up. And until now I don't think it has ever occurred to me that having white irides would mean your whole fucking eye was white except maybe the pupil? I've never given these little colored oval pupils enough thought. It's an odd art style, I'll grant you.

The year system comes up every so often, pretty much inspired by the nonsense years in Paper Mario. Though I have to imagine these people don't even use the same calendar probably. I mean he doesn't even know.

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