Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I have always wanted a videogame to include this sort of thing. I know some alternate between Sim City antics and traditional adventure whatnot, but as far as I know, nobody has ever had dungeon renovation as a game mechanic. I guess technically that's what Fallout 4 does with its settlements.

Look at this old-ass motherfucker with 10 arms. He looks so in charge. Also aww Robin is imitating the fountain statch.

I remember using a reference for this temple. It looks pretty weird, but not like the boring shit I come up with sans references. For the remainder of this arc, I tried doing that a lot, and I think it got better.

Check it out, Hel is polishing her bell. That's the kind of little thing I never seemed to think of when it was time to fill out a scene, but that every panel really SHOULD be full of. Simple, sensible, in-character idle movements. For some reason, they were easier to think of in the old old days, but by this point they'd become most rare. And yeah, yknow, everyone whines about unrealistic barriers in videogames, but it's not that easy to hop something half your height! Not always.

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