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Hardening potion? Man, why didn't I remember that? I remember things like "they haven't smashed every mirror they came across because they aren't that kind of break-everything heroes, so keep that in mind since we have now established mirrors are bad" but I forgot that the flute has been hardened into a proper mace. I kept being like "Should he use it as a weapon or not? Is it durable enough?" all over the place. Oh well, as you see later, that's eventually rendered moot.

Robin is really just disemblowing that g'noria there. One of the few monsters with an apostrophe in its name. Sadly, things with only the upper half of a turtle shell and sans plastron are not that uncommon. I actually can't find any results online right now for the g'noria but I know I read about it somewhere, didn't make it up. Not really my style, that thing.

Weird trigger switch, a bell. I must have been bored. Tales of Symphonia really inspired me with its sudden 4th wall breaking about quick-travel points. The key to what made it tasteful is that A) they didn't do it often, B) they were legitimately speaking to what the player was probably thinking, and C) they didn't just go "haha they exist" it was "oh jeez there isn't one here? I wish there were"

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