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This is one of those cases where anachronism serves a primary function of just providing a visceral comparison. Seriously, whose idea was it to make a litter box that has to hook up to plumbing so it can wash its litter pellets with water, then heat itself to dry, so that if it missed whatsoever, now you have baked shit smell? Right? Come on.

I guess I invented the takosaur, but it's kind of weird. When and why would I have done that? The monkeyphant is definitely mine, but I drew a robotic one first. It had a nondescript face, so deciding on a face here was... a decision. I kind of really like animals with high shoulders. The last panel isn't just a videogame joke but kind of an important point about how if anything has a "if A then B" mechanic to it, it can be very easy to accidentally trigger A without realizing it, and just accept B, then later not know what to do. Both in games and real life.

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