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I was just going down the list of cool monsters to draw again. Sometimes I try to think about the logistics of dungeon design. Thankfully any good setting has tons of ancient caverns and ruins and whatnot so no matter when a place was built, you can just say it was built ATOP something like that. Worked for Aperture Science.

Mixing the subtle features of an elephant and a bear was actually kind of hard, but I think I accomplished that eerie nature of something being just... unnaturally big. Panels 4 and 5 feel familiar enough that I think I've repeated them over and over. If you're a close-combat animal-type, you're going to get fucking swiped at if you bite something way bigger than you. That's just a rule. And you can see that had an effect on Hel's nerves, too. I'm just gonna say it, she should have used buffs more often.

The one-eyed squirrel indicates this black stuff is mutating its hosts a bit. I think I had a bit of Dark Matter and a bit of Zelda's Twilight on the mind with that. Like why are Dark World Keese one-eyed? And then why are those in Breath of the Wild? Anyway this guy is awesome but more on him in the next one. Go on, click "Next Comic." You can do it.

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